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This is what happens when you don't

Wrap the Edges!







Watch our videos showing how we perform our Porsche installations.


You can find it on our home page or on

Just search for CLEAR BRA PRO.



Here are some more pictures of hack jobs done to beautiful Porsches:



Don't let this happen to you!!!




We are able to lay the film under the Porsche emblem for a seamless look.


We would NEVER leave this terrible hand cut job on your car!




Here's an example of how pictures CAN be deceiving!


Take this beautiful Ferrari 360 Modena. It looks great from this picture:



And this picture...




So far it looks like a perfect install! Like many galleries you will see online.




But let's take a closer look...


Look at the HUGE gap between the bumper and the fender!



It looks ugly but more importanly it leaves the bumper exposed to damage!


I asked the owner where he got his clear bra installed -

he paid $2000 at the dealership!




Here is how we do it at Clear Bra Pro:


Extra film to wrap under the opening between the Fender and the Bumper




Use a thin squeegie to get the extra film tucked under:




We tuck all the way around the top of the bumper and underneath the fender!




A beautiful seamless look without the dangers of taking the bumper off!

And a vulnerable part of the bumper is PROTECTED!




The proper installation technique for a beautiful Ferrari:



NNow we can take pride in these pictures because the installation was done right!




Another look at a Clear Bra Pro installation!




If you've come this far, you can tell we are serious about the quality of our installations!


We don't just treat Porsches and Ferraris like this.


We treat every car as if it we our own and we take every measure to make sure you get a GREAT installation!


If you are serious about getting the clear bra, make sure you get it installed properly!


Give us a call today for an appointment:


562.810.8468 (TINT)